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Girls officially join Boy Scouts of America in Ventura County

VENTURA COUNTY, - History was made Friday morning as girls were official invited to join the Boys Scout of America.

The paperwork was turned in amid cheers at the historic moment.

“Today is the first day that girls between the ages of 6th grade and 12th grade can join Boy Scouts of America in the Scouts BSA Troops,” said Andrea McClellan, BSA development director.

A couple of years ago the Boy Scouts of America transformed themselves into Scouts BSA allowing girls to join the organization for the first time.

“This is giving girls of all ages the opportunity to do things that interest them that they might not have had opportunities to do in other times,” said McClellan. “If they want to be an astronaut they can come in and learn things on how to become an astronaut. We have something for every girl, at every level.”

Troop member Cadence Oerlemans of Ventura is excited about the opportunity.

“Today we get to do everything that we basically see our brothers do,” said Oerlemans. “We get to do the outdoor camping and just start a new program. That is going to be really great.”

Also excited about the opportunity is scout member Isis Nuno.

“I am excited to get to learn new skills that I haven’t learned before,” Nuno said.

Under the new rules, girls will be allowed to earn the highest Boy Scout rank: Eagle Scout.

“I mean it is great because it is an impact on everything that is going to happen in the future,” said Oerlemans. “We are the first and I think it is going to be really important.”

“Boy Scouts of America believes that we should give every youth the opportunity to live a scout life on oath, and to make moral and ethical decisions for the rest of their life and to learn skills to go along with that,” said McClellan.

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