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Camp 3 Falls Summer Camp 2019

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

It's time to start thinking about summer camp at 3 Falls for summer of 2019. Three Falls offers the advantages of a smaller camp – easy travel between campsites and program areas, small class sizes, and an excellent staff-to-camper ratio – along with a large selection of merit badges and a rich program of extracurricular activities that rivals the biggest camps. With so many choices and how fast the Summer Camp spots fill up it's never too early for Scouts to start thinking about whether they wish to attend in the Summer of 2019.

Here are some of what will be offered in 2019:

Adventure Trek Program – including two nights of outpost camping, plus climbing, team-building, shooting, mountain biking and more for your older Scouts. Frontier Survivor – a unique program for avid hikers, featuring a series of daily hikes on our own 1,250 acre property and the adjacent Los Padres National Forest, and an overnight outpost camp under the stars.

Mountain Biking – including Cycling Merit Badge and recreational rides. Rendezvous – Our signature Fort features a blacksmith’s forge where we offer Metalworking Merit Badge using the Blacksmithing option. Plus flint-and-steel firebuilding, tomahawk throwing, branding, and more.

Trail-to-First Class Program – praised by campers as one of the best in Southern California.

Merit Badges – Camp 3 Falls offered 36 merit badges in 2018, including 7 Eagle-required merit badges for the older scouts. The mix changes from year to year and both familiar summer camp staples, and a selection of less-ordinary offerings that you won’t see at most other camps. Some examples: STEM – offers Space Exploration, Geocaching, Photography, Electricity, Mining in Society, and Astronomy Merit Badges. STEM also sponsors an evening star party with an 8-inch Meade telescope. Welding Merit Badge – taught by Jack Compton, a master welder who wrote the merit badge book. Pottery Merit Badge – with a commercial kiln and three pottery wheels. Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the World. Free Time and Evening Programs – Camp games, Firequest, Seneca Run, Cantina Night, Action Archery, Low COPE, Night Climb on our 57-foot climbing tower, and much more!

Camp 3 Falls June 23rd -June 29th 2019.

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